Sport Zone is Chicagoland’s premier family entertainment center. 

We have several attractions that are suitable for people of all ages. We’re always evolving and introducing new ideas and concepts in our park. Every time you visit, you’re in for a different and wonderful experience! Our park is open throughout the year, especially on weekends. If you’re concerned about the weather, just give us a call and ask us if our attractions will be open that day! We’re always pleased to hear from our guests!

At Sport Zone, we’re committed to helping our guests and clients in every way possible. If you have any questions about organizing group events, reaching us, booking rides, and our attractions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will help in every way possible. Organizing group events with us is a breeze. We can accommodate up to 400 people easily. All you have to do is let us know what your requirements are and we’ll handle the rest.

If you’re concerned about your children’s safety at Sport Zone, don’t be! All our rides are inspected thoroughly before the park opens for business. This ensures they’re absolutely safe for people of all ages, including children. If you have any questions regarding anything, don’t hesitate to contact us by filling in the form below.

If you have any complaints and issues that you want to address, we encourage you to inform us. We will take prompt action to correct the problem and ensure it doesn’t happen again. At Sport Zone, we take customer satisfaction very seriously. If you have not had a good experience with us, we want to know about it and will address the cause immediately.

We try to respond to any queries and comments as quickly as possible. If you contact us during our working hours, you’re sure to get a response quickly. We endeavor to respond within 24 hours. For immediate assistance, you can always call us directly. We’re also present on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and Google+. Feel free to contact us through these mediums. All of the information you give is confidential and won’t be shared with anyone.

If you want to know more about us or our attractions, please don’t hesitate to call or send us an email. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.