$7.00 for 5 Minutes 


Must be 3 years old to ride.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to impress children with rides. They can get bored easily and giving them the thrill of their life is not as easy as it used to be. Fortunately, we have something that would keep your kids engaged and happy for a very long time.

Our four station bungee for kids allows them to experience the thrill of bungee jumping without any of the serious risks. The bungee here at Sport Zone Family Fun Center is an excellent way of introducing your children to new experiences.

What is It?

The four station bungee is a small rocket bungee designed for children. It has four stations and trampolines, allowing four children to participate in the activity at the same time. The kids are placed in a harness that’s attached to two stretched cords. These harnesses are pulled down and released like a slingshot, safely catapulting the child several feet into the air. The harness will move up and down several times before coming to a stop, prolonging the experience for them.

Your children can also use the trampolines to extend their experience and pull off aerobatics like rolling in mid-air. Children usually love to experiment with this ride, trying to come up with new and exciting stunts. The station bungee can keep your children engaged for several minutes at a time. The activity is perfectly safe and the equipment is tested regularly to ensure that it is secure. Your children won’t be hurt in any way when they participate in this ride.

The station bungee offers a different experience to your children. While some children do feel intimidated and scared for the first few moments, they quickly overcome their fear and start enjoying the thrill. In fact, parents usually have a hard time convincing children to come off this ride!

About Sport Zone Family Fun Center

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