We are looking for exhibitors to join the fun at The Ultimate Sports Dome in Aurora for the inaugural Golf – Fitness & Home Tent Sale!

The Golf, Fitness & Home Show Will Have It All!!

This 3 day event will showcase products and services related to golf equipment & clothing, home improvement, sports, fitness & nutrition. The tent sale will be held on October 27th, 28th & 29th 2017 at The Ultimate Sports Dome in Aurora.

Exhibiting at The Golf – Fitness & Home show is the perfect opportunity to showcase your business or organization at an affordable cost!

We’ll Get The Word Out!!!

This event will attract thousands of people looking for great deals on golf products & winter getaways, everything fitness related & home products.

A massive advertising and promotional campaign will ensure this event will be the one that folks won’t want to miss!

Why You Should Exhibit

Exhibiting at the Dome Tent Sale will provide outstanding, cost effective, marketing and promotional benefits. Meet face-to-face with Chicagoland Families as well as Individual Sports, Fitness & Home Enthusiasts looking for your services. Get a head start on your business holiday sales. Let us help you move out your inventory.

Very Affordable!!!

10’x10’ Booth is only $200.00
10’x20’ Booth is only $350.00
All exhibitors are responsible for their own tables and chairs. Set up is av
ailable Monday thru Thursday Oct. 23-26. $100 deposit required and balance due by end of show.

For information contact Tom at: (630) 450-9369 email: tjack1122@aol.com or Skip at: 630-333-2131 email tbuzanis@aol.com or Patrick at (630) 800-5331 email pgraff21@yahoo.com Ultimate Sports Dome 1900 Hill Ave, Aurora, IL 60503

Show Floor Layout