How to Run: DOs & DON’Ts

Whether you are a seasonal runner or a beginner, there are various basic rules that every runner should follow. Highlighted below are the most important Do’s and Don’ts.


1. Start Slow

Typically, you are motivated from the start and you want to reach your goals as fast as possible, so what happens thereafter? You start off too fast and overexertion, pain, side aches are the ultimate price that you pay.


Generally, your body needs time to warm up. Therefore, start off by walking, it is a good way to warm up. Besides, it helps you lower the exertion level that conserves resources for the end of your workout and reduces heat buildup.

2. Wear loose fitting

Lose clothing/fitting allow heat to escape easily. It is advised that you should not put on cotton wears while running. In addition, there are various clothing materials that will wick some of the sweat away from your skin; thus, reducing chafing and helping your body to cool faster.

3. Cool down

A 5-10 minute of light walking or jogging will slowly help decrease your body temperature and remove waste products from your working muscles. In addition, stretching can be appropriate way to cool down. It helps relax and increase your range of movement.

Woman running at marathon at start / finish

4. Take care of injuries

Do not press yourself to run while having an injury. In order to recover from any injury, you should use the RICE method: rest, ice, compression and elevation. If you run while having an injury, you only worsen it.

5. Run your own pace

Run at your own usual pace, do not run faster than your usual pace; although it is good to challenge yourself, you should not overextend yourself. Never get discouraged that you cannot catchup with the pace of other people; listen to your body and run at a pace, which is comfortable to your body.


1. Eat a big meal

Taking heavy meal that are high in protein may put extra stress on your body system while exercising. As an alternative, take light; easily digestible snacks at least every hour or two.

2. Run in the dark

Despite your gender, running in the dark is a bad idea. During dark hours, you cannot see things clearly, therefore, you might trip on a rock sitting on your path and injure yourself. Also, if you are not wearing reflective clothes, kit is hard for cars to see you.

Run at Night_Carousel

If you insist on running in the dark after this warning, ensure you are wearing reflective clothing. Do not run alone, always ensure you bring a whistle with you, just in case you need help.

3. Do not land on your toes when running

While starting out, you should train yourself to land on your heels. When you get to a faster pace, you can learn on how to land on the ball of your foot before you quickly shift to your heel.

Running on your toes may lead to shin splints and other injuries.