Proper Running Technique: Running Form Tips and Drills

Relax Your Body

When running, you need to ensure there is no tension on your body. Tension will make you less effective when running. You should start by relaxing your legs, arms, neck, fists, and shoulders. You should run with your head tall and in proper alignment with the spine.

Relax your body

You should avoid looking at your feet as you will lose focus. Each of your shoulders should move in the opposite direction from the other. The elbows should point outwards and be close to your sides.

High Knees

Your knees play a huge role when running. Running with your knees high will improve your running speed and prevent you from fatigue. When skipping, you should lift your knee towards your shin as you transition from one leg o the other.

Moreover, your hips should be slightly raised when running to get powerful strides. The torso acts as the center of gravity when running and you should keep a tight core.

Check Your Posture

As you run, you should keep your posture straight. Your head should be up, shoulders relaxed, and your back straight. When running, your posture may change, and it is crucial to keep on checking it. Maintaining a good posture when running, not only prevent fatigue but helps you to finish strong.

Take Short Strides

When running, you should shorten your strides and increase cadence. To shorten the strides, ensure that your feet are underneath you. Most personal trainers recommend that you take 180 steps in a minute. When you start running, increase the speed for about 40 meters and then maintain that speed for about 60 meters to avoid straining and draining your energy.


Be Quiet as You Run

You should maintain focus when running as noise can lead to distractions. The only noise should be your feet moving quickly. When you run quietly, you increase your cadence and strides. When you run quietly, you will be able to count the number of strides you make in a given period.

Your Hands

Your hands will determine if you will achieve your running goals or not. Your hands should be in a relaxed position throughput. It is advisable that you avoid squeezing your hands as you will use the energy you need for running.

Some people keep their hands at the waist when running. With this, you will avoid tension building on your shoulders. You need to ensure that your arms are at a 90% angle when you run with your hands at your waist.